английский по скайпу с носителемJoseph R

 Носитель английского языка, преподаватель из Филиппин

Специализация: разговорный английский с носителем, подготовка к экзаменам, бизнес английский и другие курсы.

Опыт работы: 10 лет, по скайпу - 7 лет.

My name is Joe.

I am an online English teacher. I'm a Communications graduate from the University of the Philippines.

I worked as a Travel Guide and English Coach to Asians and non-English speaking Europeans (like Germans, French etc.) for more than 2 years and was an English Academy teacher for Koreans and Japanese for years.I have more than 10 years of experience in teaching English to various nationalities thus my wide exposure to every culture.

I can teach all levels of English in a very easy, fun and fast way, from Basic Grammar to Business English. I also do TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication), TOEFL (Test of English Foreign Language), IELTS (International English Language Test System) practice and Accent Training.

Do you think that your English is not good enough? Scared to talk to foreign people because you don't know how to express yourself well? Well...you are not alone. A lot of people from non-English speaking countries feel the same way. In this day and age where English is a major communication tool, it is without question that most people feel that having competent English communication skills is very important. Let's face it, we are in global economy and English is a major tool for us to compete with the rest of the world. Being able to converse well in English is not just very helpful during travels and gaining friends all over the world, but for gaining higher education and employment as well.

Therefore, having a proper and competent English means you are heading towards a better future.

So, if you want to have class with me, just message me. Thank you.

ЦЕНЫ на занятия с Joseph:

Общий курс - 12 евро

Спецкурс, подготовка к экзаменам - 13 евро

Пробный урок - 5 евро

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